Splash of LA

13 Years of Splash of LA!

Splash of LA is Kid City's annual community arts festival that takes place during the second Saturday of August. Youth like to end their summer festively before returning to school, so Kid City helps them create that celebration for them and their communities!  Led and planned by youth and young adults in the Splash Training Program, Splash of LA welcomes their friends, families, and neighbors to a festive afternoon filled with live performances, interactive games, and resources. First held at the local parking lot on Olympic & Flower, the festival officially moved to the South Park Recreation Center in South Central LA in 2022, the neighborhood in which most Kid City program participants live! 

Over the years, Kid City has worked with local artists who prepare performances for Splash of LA, including dancers and musicians, to expose the audience to diverse art forms and uplift cultural and community art.

Youth are ecstatic to share the beauty they see in their communities, and we are excited to see the festival return to South Park in August 2023! Take a look at Splash's evolution through the years! 


Splash of LA 2022 at South Park Recreation Center

Featured Artists Included:

Adrianne and the Boys performing covers of songs from Harry Styles, The White Stripes, and Blink-182


Angelita Sanchez dancing and facilitating the Caballo Dorado's "Paseo de Rodeo" dance


The Losers performing covers of "Que No Queda Huella" by Rodolfo Aicardi and "Maybe I'm amazed" by Paul McCartney





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Featured artist included Art Theatre Company who conducted a Community Table Read on creative resilience and empowerment.


Splash of LA 2021 Virtual Talent Show


Splash @ Home 2020 Talent Show


Splash of LA 2018 Recap


Splash of LA 2017 Recap



More Splash of LA archival content coming soon!