The"Breezeway" Project: a beautiful new outdoor program space for youth in downtown Los Angeles


How It Started:

Kid City was one of 100 organization to be selected by the 2022 Lowes Hometown Grant Program to renovate the this barren, unused space into a calm, vibrant outdoor program space for youth!

Read more about the class, and the whole program here.


Kid City partnered with LA Trade Technical College Department of Architectural Technology and Environmental Design and Professor Marcela Oliva to include students in the design and planning process for the Breezeway. We were excited to extend the experience and opportunity to 4 local community college students and two Kid City high school participants to bring their vision for the space to life. 

The Breezeway Designers:

Eddie Cortez (Solar Shades, thought-partner)

Vivian Morales (Biomimicry Elements & Mosaic Design)

Victoria Perez (Program Concept, Water Feature)

Joanna Segundo (Garden & Plant Selection)

Matheus Tofoli (3D Renderings and Sketch-ups)

Gissela Vasquez (Mural Concept)

With help from Humberto and Professor Oliva, students learned how to survey the area of the Breezeway - not an easy feat considering the winding pathway!

Kid City was also one of eight organizations chosen for Lowes HomeTeam NFL Partnership!

In July 2022, LA Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert helped Kid City break ground on the Breezeway Project. Breezeway Designer Gissela Vasquez welcomed Justin and gave him a tour of Kid City, and the Design team presented their plans and ideas for the Breezeway!


Breezeway Designer Gissela Vasquez (Senior at LACES HS) was in the LATTC Design course and created the mural concept with feedback from the design team! The goal was to make the space into a calm outdoor space where students can meet with mentors, have a pleasant lunch, and even just enjoy a delightful break. Gissela drew inspiration from gradients of the sunset. 

Kid City Volunteer Jeremy Irvine was also instrumental in the mural design process! With his Interior Design skills, he helped students choose the appropriate paint colors and consulted on the the initial Breezeway proposal and the construction process!

Additionally, muralists Robin Woerner & Danny Thomas guided the Breezeway team on planning and executing the mural, and would later guide students on the stenciling process of the mural.


In October 2022, we welcomed the Lowes Hometowns Volunteer crew who helped us paint the mural! 70 volunteers picked up their brushes and helped us get the base of the mural completed!

High school students also helped us put the finishing touches and nature stencils on the mural!


Breezeway Designer Vivian Morales (Senior at Orthopaedic HS) shared that her passion for Civil Engineering, combined with access to the class and a project in her community was impactful for her. In the LATTC design course, she learned about biomimicry and about ways artistic natural elements can be embedded in architecture and design. She created beautiful biomimicry designs, including a floral design that will inspire a table top mosaic element for the lunch table to be installed!

Thanks to Vivian's inspiration, we are partnering with Piece by Piece to hire an artist to help us host mosaic workshops to immerse youth in the art making and include them in the Breezeway design process!


On April 17, Piece by Piece artists came to the Breezeway to show students how to create mosaic pavers that will circle the performance stage (pictured top left). It's going to be gorgeous!

Victoria Perez (Junior at Orthopaedic HS) was eager to make sure that the space was sustainable. Victoria, along with the support of Breezeway Designers Matheus Tofoli and Eddie Cortez, conducted research to choose low-watering plants for the Breezeway's garden. 

Landscape Designer Benito Olamendi taught students about garden design and sustainable gardening - especially relevant in drought-stricken California! He will also be hosting workshops for students on the creation of the space and sustainable gardening!


Take 2:       

Take 1:           

Breezeway Designer Matheus Tofoli (LATTC Architecture Student) kept everyone motivated throughout the project with amazing 3D Renderings and sketch-ups of the space! He made sure that each creative decision was included in the visual, and each version helps us see the the progress of the Breezeway Project.



How It's Going:


In November 2022, supporters and members of the Kid City community came together to celebrate the accomplishments of the youth and the design team in inspiring and creating the Breezeway!



Due to the weather there was a delay in the construction of the stage for the breezeway but finally on April 2023 the final pieces were put into place. The mosaic was finally applied to the stage and with that the Breezeway was completed!












Thanks to Lowes Hometowns, LA Trade Technical College Department of Architectural, Piece by Piece, and everyone involved! 

Keep posted for your invite to any and all events we host here! 




Breezeway Design Team from Left to Right: Eddie Cortez, Joanna Segundo, Professor Marcela Oliva, Vivian Morales, Victoria Perez, Gissela Vasquez, and Matheus Tofoli


Stay tuned for updates on sustainability and arts workshops in the Breezeway!


The Breezeway Project was made possible thanks to the following partners:

Lowe's Hometowns

Los Angeles Trade Tech College Department of Architectural Technology and Environmental Design

LA Works 


Piece by Piece

Muralists Robin Woerner & Danny Thomas

Elemental Designs by Benito Olamendi

1010 Development Corporation