Programs for High School Students

Kid City’s High School Program provides direct support, guidance, and community for high school students in Central and South Los Angeles. We welcome all students regardless of GPA, especially those who may be the first in their family or generation to go to college, who don’t have other knowledgeable people who can help to guide them, or who just need encouragement and support.

The young people in our community are bright, capable, and creative scholars. They understand that higher education is one of the surest ways to become economically stable -- for themselves and their families. But the path to college is difficult, fraught with institutional and financial obstacles. Kid City cultivates agency and self-advocacy so that students claim their education and invite others like themselves to also pursue higher education. 

Program Start Date:

Students may join the program at any time throughout the year but outreach and orientation occurs for fall semester in August, and summer programs in May and June. Students can also join by contacting Kid City staff at [email protected] or coming by the program during open hours.




This year-long mentorship program pairs high school students (Scholars) with a college graduate (Mentors) to provide individualized support throughout the college admissions journey. Kid City Scholars serves low-income and first-generation students of color by providing resources and information from a holistic and culturally informed perspective. 

Our goal is to foster a space where Scholars’ stories and experiences are honored and uplifted and participants take agency over their own higher education journey.

In 2021-22 school year, almost 80% of the Mentors were Kid City alumni!


College Access

During the Fall semester, Kid City offers workshops and events geared towards supporting high school seniors with the technical aspects of the college application process. Additionally, Kid City’s High School Team directly supports students with early FAFSA and CADAA submissions. 

Key Topics featured: 

  • Understanding Different Higher Education Systems 
  • Navigating the CSU and UC Applications 
  • Personal Insight Questions Writing Workshops 
  • Student and Parent Financial Aid 101 

College Bridge

College access workshops continue during spring semester, with a focus on facilitating the transition out of high school into college and adulthood. 

Key Topics featured: 

  • Understanding Your Financial Aid Award Letter
  • Deciding Which College is Right for You 
  • Navigating College Life (Dorming, Commuting, Academics) 
  • Budgeting in College 
  • Resume Building and Career Exploration

Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR)

Youth Participatory Action Research centers the voices of youth who are part of the community that is being studied. This approach gives power and voice to folks from the community by fully including them in every step of the research process. Participating youth take the lead to choose the research questions, collect data, analyze the data, and share the findings. Youth have studied the mental health of undocumented students, and high school students during the pandemic.

In 2023, they have chosen to look at housing scarcity, and what happens to families when rent becomes increasingly unaffordable.


College Knowledge for High School Juniors

Kid City's spring series for high school juniors introduces college basics, examines myths about going to college, and prepares students to focus on college applications in summer and fall.

Key Topics featured: 

  • Why go to college?
  • Is college for me?
  • Yes, it is possible to pay for college

And there's always more...

Kid City offers lots of other opportunities for high school students of all ages, including field trips, arts and crafts, gardening, and volunteer opportunities.

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