Give to Kid City's Youth Participatory Action Research Program!

Give to support Kid City's Youth Research Program (YPAR)! 

Thanks to Petrona Garcia (High School Program Coordinator) and Social Justice Partners of Los Angeles, Kid City's is building on and investing in its Youth Participatory Action Research program  -- a program that inspires teen leaders to embark on their journeys in community engagement and academic research! 

Imagine: Research that centers first-generation students, their families, and neighborhoods, coupled with action that empowers, serves, and liberates.

Imagine the researchers: First generation youth of color empowered to address issues in their community in concert with their peers, families, and community members.

Imagine research questions: Generated through self-discovery and deep discussion from the lived experience, challenges, and dreams of a team of student researchers. Findings aren't just added to an elite library of knowledge; they inform action to benefit their community! For example:

  • Research Question: What are the affects of rising housing costs on families in South Central Los Angeles?
  • Finding: Rising housing costs reduces spending on food, transportation, and leisure
  • Action: Researchers create an interactive map with resources for free and low-cost food, housing options, and recreational activities for families

Read more about Kid City's YPAR program and the youth who have grown as leaders through the program!



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