Splash Training Program

Splash of LA, our annual community arts festival, has been a staple in our summer programming for more than 11 years. Each year, Splash of LA welcomes 300+ attendees to a joyful afternoon filled with live performances, arts & interactive activities, a college and community resources fair, and entertainment from current Kid City participants and alumni. The festival is driven by youth leadership, even since its inception.

Through the Splash Training Program, high school and college students are active leaders in the planning process -- down to the theme and vendors!

Participants are assigned to teams in which they will work with each other's support to produce Splash of LA. Through the six-week program, students learn essential skills needed to pursue entry-level internships and jobs in arts & entertainment while also gaining the valuable experience of bringing those enriching arts experiences to their communities. Students meet weekly with the Splash Program Coordinator to learn about each aspect of an arts production, and the Coordinator facilitates planning discussions that actively center youth in decision-making.


Here are the Teams that help bring the Splash of LA to life:



Guest Services Team

Students greet and welcome guests to Splash of LA and provide them with an overview of the program, resources, and interactive activities available. They are available to answer any questions attendees may have, and are supervised by adult volunteers who are trained in emergency response, de-escalation, and first-aid in case these responses are necessary. The Welcome Team also hosts a station where they provide face masks, sunblock, water, and snacks to remind attendees to stay cool and hydrated. Students learn the importance of being hospitable and caring for the audience.

Sound Production and Performance Teams 

Led by the Kid City Music Program, students are responsible for curating all live performances for Splash of LA. The team hosts auditions, coordinates performers and performances, and familiarizes themselves with audio equipment & stage management. They also select two students to MC the festival and create the program script and run of show. The Team also is in charge of procuring the playlist to play during intermissions.



Set-up & Logistics Team

Students in this team create the set-up map for the festival with the Splash Program Coordinator. They take into consideration the weather and local news to determine the optimal tent and station set-ups for each team and activity. Students reach out to volunteers to support each team and coordinate their schedules and assignments for the day-of. Students also reach out to local leaders, including LA District 9 Council Member Curren D. Price, Jr. and their local State Assemblymember, for logistical support to host and welcome the public event. Students learn to coordinate staff and volunteers, to understand logic behind floor plans, and create contingencies for a production.


Interactive Activities & Experience Team

Students design and produce arts & interactive activities that engage youth and festival attendees. Members conceptualize activities, such as tie-dying and giant jenga, and procure materials and tools for making and facilitating them. The team tests the activities for safety and resolves any technical issues prior to facilitating it for attendees. They coordinate roles with peer facilitators and support each other in problem-solving during the festival and its planning process.


Community Resources Team

Students spearhead outreach efforts to bring community resources and college representatives to the festival to meet local students, families, and community members. The team conducts research on resources and services sought by community members, correspond with community partners via email and phone, and follow up and confirm Splash of LA participation. Additionally, students collect relevant information and logos from participating partners to include them on Splash of LA marketing material. 

By connecting with and hosting community organizations and partners at the festival, students learn about diverse resources and services available in Los Angeles, and they learn to create valuable partnerships that are valuable to Kid City, Splash of LA, and their local community.


Sponsorship Team

Students oversee communication with sponsors and coordinate the annual Splash of LA Raffle. Members conduct outreach and cultivate relationships with local businesses and corporations for sponsorship requests and in-kind donations – a great introduction to public-private partnerships. This team prepares letter correspondence for sponsors and press releases to thank and recognize Splash of LA sponsors.

Marketing & Publicity Team

Students are in charge of getting the word out as much as possible! The team leads all advertisement efforts for Splash of LA, including the creative and design process for posters, digital fliers, and social media content and campaigns. Students are tasked with posting and passing out flyers within their communities and the neighborhood surrounding Kid City. Additionally, this team creates the program pamphlet for the day of the festival and works closely with other Splash Teams to create any posters needed for the day-of! Students learn about social media management & strategies, content creation, and the importance of knowing the audience.

Craft Services Team 

This team takes on responsibility for identifying food vendors for Splash of LA. Students plan on the kinds of vendors they would like to see at the festival, and must take into consideration food allergies and restrictions while also keeping in mind food that is widely favored by community members. They determine prices for the food and create promotional materials and the menu for vendors.



After Splash of LA

Participants debrief with Kid City staff on their experience planning and hosting Splash of LA as well as what can improve or change for the event. Students receive a certificate of recognition for their contribution to the festival and, more importantly, their communities in terms of arts programming. Kid City also provides all participants with one-on-one resume building and career coaching to remind students of the hard work they put into a community festival and the skills they gained and practiced throughout the program. 


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Looking forward to Splash of LA? Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 12, 2023 for the 15th Annual Splash of LA!