High School / College Access

Juniors and seniors receive support and encouragement from a community of peers, staff, and mentors to apply and enroll in college. Lots of opportunities are available too, including community-based research (YPAR), field trips, college visits, and more!


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College Persistence

We know that graduating high school is only part of the journey to college and career success. Kid City supports post-high school program participants’ persistence and success in higher education and beyond.

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Music & Arts

The arts are vital to inspiring creativity, leadership, and confidence in Kid City participants. Kid City Music & Arts program provides free music lessons, band rehearsals, arts excursions, and workshops to all Kid City participants and future participants, from elementary school through college.

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Career Prep

Kid City's Jobs and Career Readiness programs provide high school and college students with the skills and experience they need for entry-level professional jobs, but also provide practical experience via internships, fellowships, and volunteer opportunities. Kid City believes in empowering students to lead, learn, tell their own stories, manage projects, and engage in the public sphere.

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