How it all began. . .



Kid City Founded

Kid City began in the fall of 2008, when five kids from First United Methodist Church of Los Angeles -- Kwesi, Kofi, Kobe, and Queen Essilfie and their friend, Kenny Tilmon, asked Pastor Sandie Richards for an after-school program.



Kid City Grows

In those early days, Kenny and the Essilfies brought in friends from Hope Village, where Kid City is located. Staff members Ben Ede and Jessie Moore provided snacks, helped with homework, and created a lighthearted, welcoming environment that gave birth to BAUD!, the first Kid City band.



Kid City Thrives

A few years later, Kwesi Essilfie, Kid City’s first high school graduate applied and enrolled at Cal State University Northridge. Other high school students at Kid City soon asked for help with their college applications, and the next year, four more students enrolled -- two more at CSUN, including founding Kid City member Yanet Gutierrez, and current staff member Benjamin Garcia, and two at UC Irvine, including former board member Natividad Rico and Kwesi’s brother, Kofi Essilfie. Since those early days, over 500 Kid City students have enrolled in college, and now some of the college graduates are in charge of the program!