Community Resources (Compiled by YPAR High School Participants)

2022-23 Youth Particiapatory Action Research Project: State of Housing in South LA through Student Perspectives

This year's YPAR research group created a resource map for South LA in English and Spanish. Born out of the need families have to find resources, students decided to compile resources in an accessible fashion. Check out the map to find where and how to access food, shelter, and recreational activities in South LA.

Students participating in YPAR this year are highly aware of the toll rising housing and food costs in Los Angeles have on low-income families. They are also concerned with the prevalence of mental health emergencies and homelessness across the city.

COVID-19 worsened economic instability and mental health challenges for low-income residents, and inflation isn't helping. Students conducted a survey among LAUSD high school students from households of renters to assess how low-income families in South Los Angeles are navigating rising living costs. What students found is alarming: low income residents lack access to mental health services and resources AND have less time for leisure and self-care due to income constraints.

In response, the YPAR student team came together to create a a resource map to help residents locate essential resources providers (food, housing resources, legal services, etc.) and low-to-no costs places for leisure and breaks (including museums, parks, and community centers). 

Kid City strongly supports youth in the belief that everyone is entitled to leisure and care breaks, and that people’s income should not be a barrier.

(Español) Mapa de Recursos



(English) Resource Map