Splash of LA -- here, there, everywhere!



Just as in 2020, Kid City Splash of LA Coordinator Angelita Sanchez went all out to provide Kid City students, siblings, and families, with a day of fun the week before starting school. Karen Villasano, with help from her sister Alejandra, put together 50 "Splash Bags" filled with water toys, snacks, and art supplies. Instagram challenges included a chalk art contest!

_Meet_Art_Rat_FOSSIL._.pngThe three day event started with an online theater screening of "Fossil" by our collaborators at Art Rat Theater, with a talkback with the artists.










Screenshot_(53).pngOn Friday, Karen Villasano and Emily Esquivel hosted a cooking demonstration (complete with a vegan option!), followed by an alumni reunion! Saturday started with an arts and crafts workshop hosted by Kid City alumni Lizeth Ayala and Maritza Lopez, followed by an online Scriboli tournament hosted by Ben Garcia, and a "Sal Appreciation Hour" for Kid City's recent program director, Sal Sanchez.




Tr3.pngAs always, the highlight of Splash was the performances, with new MCs Elizabeth Lopez and Lizbeth Ramirez. Missed out? Check it out on Kid City's youtube channel! 

Splash here, Splash there, Splash everywhere was made possible this year in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs!

Stay tuned, because in 2022 Splash of LA is going to South Central! Can't wait to see Angelita Sanchez and Marbrisa Flores together up on that stage!