Christopher's Advice for Class of 2022

You should all be proud that you have made it this far. In this age of uncertainty, you have continued to push through and are now taking the step to move up towards the next stage in your career. In preparation for the upcoming opportunities and experiences, I offer my own advice, which I hope can help you all in one way or another.  These are…

Maintain Focus on the Tasks Assigned to You:

Places like college will bring about a wide array of opportunities and experiences for you, and while it may seem great to try them all, your time is precious. It can be hard to do everything you want to do, so it is important to prioritize the opportunities that are most important to you. 

Have an Open Mind:

Be excited to have new experiences, like moving to a different city and meeting people who come with their own unique traits and experiences. These moments are periods of growth for you, and embracing it can be a way to redirect those early fears in such a way that will bring joy to you.

Have a Self-Care Routine:

College can also be stressful at times, and so it is crucial to take time to focus on yourself as well. Your mental and emotional state can deeply affect not only how well you do in college, but also the sense of enjoyment you take from the college experience. As such, taking care of yourself should be embraced and performed during college.

Keep Pride in Oneself:

Sometimes, it can be hard to distinguish yourself when you're in a room with other amazing individuals, but take pride in the experiences and overall journey that led up to the moment. There is a sense of pride in not only one’s achievements, but also in the struggles one has overcome. 


I hope this advice can help in embracing the college experience, and I appreciate the time spent reading this post. Come back to read anytime you feel like you need some extra advice.