Celebrating Kid City's Quince


On Saturday November 4, 2023, I attended my first Kid City fundraising event as an intern. It was my first time meeting the people who support, work, volunteer, and are involved in this program.

150+ people came to support Kid City’s anniversary, and it was such a happy and welcoming event. Everyone had smiles on their faces and were interacting with one another. Seeing how kind everyone was and how they all worked together to make this happen was great. I was really motivated by Laura Cuellar, who gave a powerful speech, and I admired her for being an inspiration to the members and alumni. She emphasized being an immigrant and how, despite facing challenges, she was able to achieve her goals. As an immigrant myself I’ve worked hard to accomplish many goals despite my status, I could relate to her, and I aspire to someday be as empowered as she has been. The tacos and beverages were excellent, and the event was a huge success. 


Kid City is an example of how people can come together to help the future young leaders by providing support for college, skill-building, and crucial youth development activities for youth in South and Central LA!