Career Fair 2024

On Saturday March 23, 2024, I volunteered at Kid City's career fair for the first time. As a senior at CSUDH with a major in Psychology and minor in Business Management, I'm still unsure about which career path I want to pursue. Speaking with a few professionals during my visit gave me insight into their respective fields of expertise. Speaking with a professional can be beneficial to learn more details about a certain field and hear about the advantages and disadvantages of a position or field. This helps students like me have a better understanding of what a profession requires and helps us determine if it's something that we see ourselves doing.





Professionals sharing career insights with high school students.
Annual Career Conference 2024!

Since my major is Psychology, I spoke with Saul Nolasco, a Therapist at Children’s Institute. He has a bachelor's in psychology and a master’s in social work. He shared with me his experiences working with children as a therapist and how it affected him both personally and professionally. Saul also discussed his path during college and how he ended up working at this institute. Even though I am not 100% sure I would be a good fit for this kind of role, it is a very rewarding job, and I am open to learning about the many career possibilities that can open up to me. 

Growing up, being undocumented, and now a DACA student, I was able to bond with Laura Cuellar as we both share similar backgrounds. She mentioned how although she lacked the financial and professional opportunities, she was still able to find a way to make a change in her community by being a part of Kid City. She is now the Program Manager at the Mayor's Office of Education and Youth Engagement in Houston, Texas, and she continues to live in Los Angeles since she works remotely. I am glad to have connected with Laura and I am excited to t discuss and explore opportunities to work city jobs as a DACA recipient.

As a student who will graduate soon, I've been trying to decide what kind of long-term profession I want to pursue. I've been making an effort to network and build relationships with people to look into career possibilities. Though I work a full-time job and attend school full-time, I still make an effort to participate in school events and programs to meet new people who might be able to give me more guidance on possible career options. I encourage students to network as it can lead to new opportunities and gain of knowledge that will be beneficial in the future.