2023 College 4 All Advocacy Day Recap

For the first time since 2019, the College 4 ALL Coalition embarked on an Advocacy Day

Sep 8, 2023

For the first time since 2019, the College4ALL Coalition embarked on an Advocacy Day, where students, teachers, and community leaders came together in Sacramento to advocate for food security for students, streamlining transfer student procedures, limit willful defiance suspensions, and more.   

Written by: Yamileth Lares, Kid City Hope Place 

Written by: Yamileth Lares, Kid City Hope Place 

It was a Wednesday morning, when my program manager asked me if I wanted to join a trip to Sacramento happening the following week. When I agreed to go, I didn’t really know what to expect or what I was actually signing up for. This was my first time going to Sacramento and participating in advocacy of this magnitude. However, I can honestly say that this trip was amazing, and I learned so much in just 48 hours!  

The bus ride did not feel like six hours, and I was stunned that we arrived earlier than expected to Sacramento. When we finally arrived to the Hostel, I was amazed at how beautiful and vibrant it was. We all got room buddies and after settling in, we went to explore the arcade room. Fellow Kid City Hope Place alumni and I were able to break the ice through ping pong. We also decided to take a small walk around the neighborhood before dinner and it felt nice to see the city with. Eating at the Old Spaghetti Factory was both fun and new. I felt comfortable in the group I was placed in and when it came to discussing how we can make the bills seem appealing to Assembly members, everyone had great ideas! 

Since our team leader wasn’t able to be there, Liza stepped in and she provided great tips and feedback on our scripts. At that moment, the doubt went away and I knew that I would be able to speak up the following day. The morning of advocacy day was both exciting and nerve wracking. This was my first time being in such a space and being a woman of color, it was a bit scarier. Once we entered the building and started exploring, I realized that it was actually a very diverse space with different groups. Upon seeing that I felt a bit more empowered and realized that I too can take up space in such a place! 















My teammates and I coordinated with each other so that when it came to meeting with Assembly members and their aides, I knew we had each other’s back. It felt great being able to be politically active at this level and in the future, I would like to continue this work. Seeing our team leader Parshan being so confident and charismatic with every interaction he had with people really inspired me. I was in such awe to see how comfortable and daring he was. That is something I aspire to reach one day. 

The College for All Coalition was established in 2015 to advocate for full access, full investment, and full equity in public and higher education. College for All is a multiracial, cross-sector coalition that includes over 60 diverse organizations in CA. The coalition has advocated for some great wins, including a $200 million College Readiness Block Grant in 2016 and recently in 2021, successfully secured a $545 million A-G Completion Improvement Grant. 


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