Stories That Shine 2021 End of Year Campaign

During the 2021 holiday season, we shared #StoriesThatShine -- these stories took place in between college applications, tutoring sessions, music lessons, and FAFSA workshops. #StoriesThatShine are the stories that invite us to see Kid City from a student's perspective. Everyday we shared a different heartwarming story!

#StoriesThatShine goal was to shine a spotlight on different students' experiences. In the past we highlighted mentors, staff, and alumni. This year we felt students' stories would make our days shine a little brighter and uplift our friends and supporters. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have created virtual experiences to continue guiding students in the most accessible way possible. We always want our students to know that Kid City is there for them through any obstacle. So we felt, what better way to show Kid City's impact than through stories!

Our goal was to share inspirational stories about the guidance Kid City has given to student's in our community. While also building momentum for our end of year $15,000 goal. As a result, we had the privilege of receiving many heartwarming stories from our students and alumni. Their beautiful words, experience, and perspective inspired our community once again! We exceeded our $15,000 goal! Kid City is so grateful to have had the opportunity of working with amazing students and alumni. Without them, Kid City would not be the force we know today!

Desiree, Androgony King, Abida, Rafael, Joel, Josue, Giselle, Kimberly, Deni, and Diana — shared their stories with us and in the process reminded us of Kid City’s influence to the student's in the community. Their stories showed passion, courage, perseverance, and ultimately, a unique bond. We are proud of all of our students for applying to college this past November! And we are confident in our Kid City alumni persevering through their college journey!