Kid City Rocks Next Fest LA

On Sunday May 5th, I got the opportunity to attend Next Fest LA in Pomona and show my support for Kid City and four Kid City bands: The Dawgz, The Remaining Few, Emily’s Haunt and the Street Side Jazz.

One of the bands I was impressed with were "The Dawgs". The incredible concert took more than a month to prepare and rehearse, and it was put together by Matthew Proft and Alvaro Cuellar. Due to their excellent leadership, the band’s performance was fantastic. Without their assistance and, of course, the students who performed on stage, this concert would not have been possible and successful. 

Thanks to the tickets that NextFestLA kindly donated I was able to bring my two friends and we had a great time watching the show. The show was so great that it drew the attention of attendees at The LA County Fair, bringing friends and family together for the occasion. 

Right Picture: Members of the Dawgs posing for a photo!
Left picture: The Dawgs take the Next Fest LA Stage at LA County Fair!

In addition to enjoying the performance, I assisted by selling Kid City merchandise such as t-shirts and caps. I was amazed by the amount of support people showed by buying Kid City merchandise because they understood the values of youth leadership and radical welcome, which is what Kid City focuses on. 

We extend our gratitude to everyone who showed support by purchasing our items, to everyone who made the time out of their day to attend the show, and to everyone who assisted in the planning of this important event. We greatly appreciate NextFestLA for allowing Kid City’s band to perform, and we want to give a special thank you to Amanda Leon, one of Kid City’s board members for arranging this performance opportunity.

Right picture: Students, families and friends!
Left picture: Anne Hawthorne and Amanda Leon!

Stay tuned for more student performances!

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