Meet Alma Ventura (CSUN 2017), Crisis Responder

74157342_1717761858359647_3996922640404054016_n.pngMeet Alma Ventura! Alma first joined Kid City in 2012, as a high school junior from Ramón C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts. She graduated from Cal State Northridge in 2017 as a Sociology major with an emphasis in Criminal Justice. During her time in undergrad, Alma became a trained volunteer on the Los Angeles Mayor's Crisis Response Team. As a volunteer she worked with police, the coroner's office, and the local community to assist people that have experienced cases of domestic violence or homicide. She shows up at crime scenes to comfort victims that have lost a loved one and provides referrals to emotional and mental services and support. She is currently a legal assistant in the criminal law sector of the Matian Firm. "Through my job, I am constantly trying to understand the full story, being an active listener, and learning to be non judgemental." Her current pursuits lead her to consider Social Work or Marriage and Family Therapy. You can find Alma on Ultreya's Planning and Host Committee and returning to the Crisis Response Team.

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