Checkout out the Finished Breezeway Mural

This Fall, students and volunteers have been working hard to bring life to the Breezeway! Checkout how our new vibrant mural has come together!

On October 12, Lowes Hometown and 70 volunteers came together to help paint the mural onto the wall (Top Photo)! It was no small feat (since the mural space is 10’’ x 140’’). Folks were enthusiastic about being able to help Kid City and the youth in the community! We also want to give a special thanks to mentor and volunteer Jeremy Irvine (Bottom Right) and LA Works Project Manager Steve Schaeffer for stenciling on the mural and helping Lowes and the volunteer team in executing the Breezeway Designers’ vision.



Breezeway Designers Gissela Vasquez and Eddie Cortez met with muralists Robin Woerner and Danny Thomas to consult on the final touch ups needed for the mural and stencil locations for the final designs! We couldn't have visualized it better with the help of Breezeway Designer Matheus Tófoli, who created the following 3D rendering and additional sketchups of the plans:



On October 23, Gissela, Eddie, Vivian Morales, Joana Segundo, and Victoria Morales of the Breezeway team, came together with other 7 student and alumni volunteers to finish blending color gradients onto the mural and stencil palm trees and butterfly elements across the mural! Students were enjoying the day and immersing themselves in the artistic element of the Breezeway Project. We can’t wait to roll out the space for programs that enrich and serve students!




Students have been supporting the project in the midst of a busy Fall semester! They are participating in the Kid City Scholars mentoring program, College Access Program, and Music Lessons, and they just submitted over 300 college applications this cycle!

Thanks to all community members, students, volunteers, and partners that are helping us create the space for the youth.