Stewart Kwoh, Chair


Kevin Corbett, Fundraising Vice-Chair

I believe higher education is catalyst for growth and transformation, and I support Kid City Hope Place because I want to ensure our young people receive the support needed to attend college and realize their greatest potential.

  Jimmy Alvarado, Vice-Chair

Val Toh, Treasurer

I was the first one to receive a college degree in my family, including past generations. It took me a long time to achieve that but I am grateful for the opportunity to graduate with a business degree from the Haas Business School of the University of California, Berkeley at the age of 35 and obtained my Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license a few years later. It took me that long to fulfill my ambition because I didn’t have the financial support nor the opportunities when I finished my high school education back in Malaysia.

  Marcus Tanimoto, Secretary
  Anne Hawthorne, President and Executive Director
  Ginny Brideau

Laura Cuellar

Kid City gave me the opportunity to create education opportunities for marginalized communities including immigrants, low-income families, and first generation youth. The experiences and lessons I learned led me to become an education and children's advocate, community organizer, and coalition builder. I also had the honor of mentoring hundreds of youth and I became a firm believer that supporting local leaders from different backgrounds and perspectives can truly change the world. 

  Kwesi Essilfie
  Rev. Mandy McDow
  Sara Munshin
  Luis Sierra Campos

Bonnie Tang

My parents were immigrants from Asia and I am a first generation college graduate who recalls the challenges of an immigrant family navigating education and other government systems on the journey of achieving the American dream.   It is because of my background that I came to support Kid City and ever since, I have been a huge fan because this small nonprofit provides critical support to low income youth to help them achieve their educational goals and become young leaders who give back to their home communities.