Kid City Students Finish their Summer Architecture & Design Class!

Pathway project for Kid City coming Fall 2022! Thank you Kid City Students, Professor Marcela Oliva, Jeremy Irvine, and Lowes Home Town! Without you all this amazing opportunity would not be possible for Kid City! 



Thank you to Lowes Hometown for granting us this opportunity and believing in the impact of spaces on student evolvement. Jeremy Irvine did the initial sketches, which helped Kid City to win the grant! Another thank you to Professor Marcela Oliva who engaged Kid City students in her summer course at Trade Tech!


We are so excited to share with you that students have finished taking their summer Architecture & Design class! What does this mean? This means the project is ready to begin! By Fall 2022, Kid City will have a new space to have events, activities, group sessions, and more! Through the outdoor space Kid City staff will expand its ability to meet with more students, host consultations between mentors and mentees, and gather with students and families. Kid City will serve more students, and especially students who prefer to meet outside for health and safety reasons. There would be areas for Kid City community members to meet with staff and mentors, sit and talk with each other individually or in small groups. 

Thank you Kid City Students! Your involvement has pushed this project forward. We can't wait to see your ideas come to life. Your ideas are most important because it is you all and students just like you who will be taking advantage of the space! 

1. Gissela Vasquez is a senior at LACES High School. She enrolled in Trade Tech’s class to build the Breezeway to learn how to “create and develop something from nothing into something beautiful for the community.”

2. Victoria Perez is a high school junior at Downtown Magnet. She enrolled in the class to learn how to bring “wonderful nature into the city, and create a better society.”

3. Joanna Segundo is a high school sophomore who enrolled in Professor Oliva’s class, partly to learn more about her father’s work, who is a builder.

4. Vivian Morales is a high school senior. Last year, Vivian was part of Kid City’s Youth Participatory Action Program (YPAR), where she studied the effects of redlining in south central Los Angeles.


We envision a green space where Kid City members could meet, learn and enjoy being outdoors together!

We can't wait to see what the breezeway turns out to be!