Alumni Spotlight: Jeannette Guerra


Meet Jeannette Guerra! Passionate about working with youth and learning about cultures, Jeannette is a recent Peace Corps Volunteer. Her interests in youth development began at Kid City in the Fall of 2012. She has been a participant in the personal statement class, a summer intern, and now a current volunteer for Ultreya 2019. From an early age, it was very clear for Jeannette that her education would take her out of California. She embarked on her college career at Cornell College, a private liberal arts school in Mount Vernon, Iowa as the first Kid City participant to go out of state. Following an anthropology class in the Bahamas, Jeannette was inspired to learn about the cultures and the environment which led her to pursue a major in Biology and a minor in Anthropology. Two months following graduation in 2017, Jeannette joined the Peace Corps in Talamanca, Costa Rica as Youth Development Coordinator. For two years, she conducted support groups for young girls and parents, created a sports committee to introduce recreational activities and sports to the community, and collaborate with towns to expand lifestyle activities and sports. Because of Kid City and her service in the Peace Corps, Jeannette has developed an interest to work closely with underserved youth. Upon her recent return to Los Angeles, she has developed an interest to pursue a Masters in Social Work at Syracuse University!

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