Welcome to Kid City's year-end celebration of giving

How do you give?

Everyone gives. At Kid City:

  • College students give as they set aside term papers and work to share their experience on college information panels with high school seniors.
  • Volunteers from USC's Alpha Phi Omega give as they show up almost daily to tutor students.
  • Members of Centenary United Methodist Church give when they hunt down savings on school supplies, and assemble care packages for college students.
  • Colleagues at partner organizations like Holman CDC and JVS-SoCal give job training and internships to Kid City students.
  • The Sierra Club, Outward Bound, and the Mono Lake Committee have given students the experience of the beautiful and wild great outdoors.
  • Parents and family members have sewn masks, made tamales, and silk-screened Kid City t-shirts for Splash of LA.
  • High school students give by keeping our program clean and functioning, and by making and serving snacks to peers.
  • Mentors give two hours a week to accompany high school seniors on their journey through the college admissions process.
  • Volunteers give support and advice during zoom office hours.
  • Advocacy partners like Education Trust West and Southern California College Access Network lend an ear to students, and turn around to support legislation that responds to student needs.
  • Kid City alumni have returned to host fundraisers and start new programs like Community Teachers of Los Angeles, and our Critical Participatory Action Research project.

If you are reading this, chances are, you have already given to Kid City in one way or another. Please share with us how you give -- to Kid City, to the Urban Foundation, to your own community and family. 

Why do you give?

How we each give varies, but why we give brings us together. We give to support our friends, to do better for our families, to ensure young people have a future, and to build a better world. We give to have hope, we give to share our love, we give because it is the natural thing to do when we are part of a community.

The end of the year is barreling down upon us, and with it will come a flurry of requests for donations. I too will be asking for support for Kid City -- to help us meet a $15,000 match where every dollar you give counts as double, to help us start the new year with $30K in the bank, and to ensure that Kid City remains a refuge where young people thrive. I'm also asking you to tell us how you give.

Click here to share your giving story. And keep opening our email to hear more about how Kid City community members keep on giving.