A big day and the looming deadline to submit college applications to UCs and CSUs at Kid City isn't possible without people like Charlie Schneider!

A visual artist and alumnus of the Art Institute of Chicago, Charlie is Kid City's personal statement coach! Charlie offers writing workshops and individual support to Kid City high school seniors completing their "Personal Insight Questions." As part of our End of Year Campaign, we asked Charlie how he helps to clear the path for students wanting to go to college!

"When I teach my personal statement class, I like to share a few ideas: First, writing is both a window and a mirror. By this, I mean that writing is a way to allow others to see the self, as much as it is a way for the self to see itself, and the best writing does both, in my opinion. I like also to say that the students don't have to have climbed Everest to get into a college they're interested in--they just have to show who they are, and the values that make them a unique human being. I consider it a privilege to help them tell those stories."