Erick Hernandez shares his Internship experience at LACI: The Clean and Green Dream

Although college is often credited as one of the most influential factors in a young person’s life, internships don’t receive nearly as much credit as they should for the value they carry. Internships allow students to discover their passions, gain field experience, and create networking connections for future job opportunities. Continue reading

Christopher's Advice for Class of 2022

You should all be proud that you have made it this far. In this age of uncertainty, you have continued to push through and are now taking the step to move up towards the next stage in your career. In preparation for the upcoming opportunities and experiences, I offer my own advice, which I hope can help you all in one way or another.  These are… Continue reading

I’m Getting College Acceptances, Now What?

To the class of 2022, we are so immensely proud of you! Every single one of you were able to get through the trial and tribulations of applying to college -during pandemic! Another senior class defining newer and higher standards. Now that you are all done with college applications, you will soon be choosing a college! Continue reading

Ordinary Hope in Extraordinary Times: Tips for First-time Online College Students

Online Learning is hard! We get it. Here are some tips curated by Kimberly Travieso, a 2nd year college student at Cal State Los Angeles. Continue reading

Splash of LA -- Splash here, Splash there, Splash everywhere!

Just as in 2020, Kid City Splash of LA Coordinator Angelita Sanchez went all out to provide Kid City students, siblings, and families, with a day of fun the week before starting school. Karen Villasano, with help from her sister Alejandra, put together 50 "Splash Bags" filled with water toys, snacks, and art supplies. Instagram challenges included a chalk art contest!                   Continue reading

Join us for Ultreya!

Everyone is welcome! Please RSVP here! We welcome gifts of any amount to recognize honorees and fellows here! And, if you would like to sponsor, please click here. More to come soon about this year's incredible honorees, and the first cohort ever of Ultreya fellows!


This month we celebrate one year of Community Teachers of Los Angeles! CTLA is a support system for aspiring and current teachers and educators who seek to provide a socially just, transformative, and community-centered education and led by Kid City Alumni. Alumna and intern, Kimberly Sanchez writes about what CTLA means to her and her endeavors of being a teacher! Continue reading


Kid City Alumna and Teach For America corps member, Jeannette Guerra is a current 9th grade teacher at Manual Arts High School. Her time at Kid City began as participant of the high school and college programs. From a student at Orthopaedic Medical Magnet High school to a student at Cornell College in Iowa,  she is now a teacher in her own community of South Los Angeles. She shares with us her motivations for becoming a teacher and how she approaches teaching from compassion and understanding, specifically through "care for" approach. Continue reading


Kid City along with SoCal Can and three LA organizations join the National College Attainment Network (NCAN) to advocate for #DoublePell! Continue reading